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Clara Parnell, LMT

Clara Parnell, LMT

They/them + She/Her

Clara brings together the science of rehabilitation with the sacredness of healing and shifting our energetic patterning. Practicing for more than 15 years, Clara combines a wide range of technical skills and modalities to support clients with chronic pain, tension, and stress. Clara incorporates deep and nuanced energetic shifting in every session. When the body is in physical pain, the mind likes to simplify by focusing on treating it physically. Clara brings in a greater level of integration by addressing more than just the physical body.

Clara is a practitioner with a life long history of deafness and hearing loss, which amplified their other senses. At such a young age, the auditory processing centers of the brain are recruited for alternative sensory processing. This means the brain advances its ability to process visual and tactile information and increases its ability to perceive environmental stimulus that is not auditory. For Clara, hearing loss meant an increase in processing and interpreting information through the hands, visual perception, and mirror neurons(empathy). Clara’s ability to perceive what you are experiencing and intuiting what will bring both release and relief, is heightened.

Clara loves to work with the physical body while addressing energetic release for ancestral healing, bringing in the support and resources of the unseen worlds around us. They have studied visceral manipulation, chi nei tsang, western clinical herbalism, and cranial sacral therapy extensively.

LMT# 17947