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Veronica Hwang, Yoo Be Korean Skincare

Veronica Hwang, Yoo Be Korean Skincare


My name is Yoo Seon Veronica Hwang and I'm your skincare expert. I’m a licensed Esthetician in Oregon and California, ready to take on any challenges and concerns when it comes to your biggest organ - your skin!  

I was born and raised in South Korea where I learned many Korean self care practices and rites. It started with a Korean spa with the family then graduated to daily multi-step skincare by the time I was 13 years old. Going to the spa in Korea is still one of my fondest childhood memories. It was where I felt at ease the most.

I also struggled with skin inflammation, acne and chronic autoimmune skin disease. It has been a life long  lesson to understand my own skin and health.This struggle kick-started my interest in skin health, and today it is my joy to share my culture and my expertise with everyone through Yoo Be Korean skincare and wellness.

The Yoo Be Approach to Skincare

Skincare is not just a luxury event once a year, it's a ritual. It goes beyond beauty and vanity, it is a health practice we need to prioritize. I guide each person I work with in their journey to a healthy skin and mind. We don’t hide your skin, but work together to embrace and enhance it. 

The products I use for all facials and retails are beautiful plant based and aromatherapy essential oils. 

I focus on natural ingredients with a minimal ingredient list. I also believe in cruelty free products and supporting companies that are environmentally conscious.

Growing up in Korea, my family took beauty and health very seriously.  I was detoxing in herbal steam rooms at age 5 years old. In Korea, everyone invests in their skin - women, men, teens, grandparents, even children. We take pride in our self care spa day with the family and I want to share that with all of you. Yoo Be concentrates mostly on the face as well as hands, back, neck, decollete and scalp health.

I believe when we feel good on the outside, we feel good on the inside. Come learn, resolve, decompress and practice self love.