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Milo Albright, LMT.

Milo Albright, LMT.

He/Him and They/Them

Milo has a deep and lifelong interest in bodywork and the healing arts, which began at a young age and continues to this day. He utilizes an intuitive and holistic treatment style that draws from many modalities; including craniosacral, structural integration, Swedish massage and visceral manipulation. Treatments are rooted in listening to the body and responding to its moment to moment needs. Milo believes that the journey towards health is not a one-way-fits all road. Instead they use a dynamic and changing toolkit to support whomever comes for treatment, wherever they are at. In this way all are welcome, and no one is left out. 

Milo has a passion for supporting people through the injury process from acute to chronic. This includes and is not limited to auto injury, sports injury, post surgical care, and brain injury. They believe somatic and emotional health is just as important as structural health for resolving pain symptoms, and that effective treatment should reflect this. 

In his free time Milo can be found doing Kung Fu, reading a book, or wandering in woods looking for a good tree to gander at.