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More Than Words

Our Ethics + Values

More Than Words: Our Ethics + Values

As a hub of practitioners with varied backgrounds and communities, that diverge in acculturation, ability, neurodiversity, and more, we are aligned in fostering an environment that is trauma informed, size and gender affirming, anti-racist, and body-neutral. 

While safety is ultimately an individual and subjective determination, we are committed to fostering a safer space by prioritizing respect for the lived experiences of others, striving to create a non-hierarchical environment, acknowledging and unpacking bias whether overt or unconscious, and by both learning and unlearning so that we may better be in collaborative practices of community. 

We choose to emphasize the cultivation of intentionality and embodiment in our interpretations of professionalism by using our training and knowledge in service of our clients, patients, and communities, and by investing in our collegial relationships with integrity. 

As a deaf/HH-owned business we oppose and call attention to audism, a bias against d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their communication needs and styles. Blunt, direct, and visual communication, volume and tonal differences that may seem rude to hearing people, and the highly variable need for accommodations, are all examples that inspire stigma against Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. We challenge this stigma with the belief that deaf gain and divergent communication styles are inherently valuable. 



Disability and Access

We strive to prioritize safety for the most vulnerable among us. We require medical masks be worn by both practitioners and patients/clients for the total duration of all appointments. We screen for symptoms of communicable diseases at the beginning of every session. We use MERV 13 hospital grade filters in our HVAC, provide HEPA filters in each treatment room, store all laundry separate from possible cross-contamination, use a diligent cleaning protocol between all sessions, and we provide both an ADA compliant treatment room and classroom/event space. We are committed to offering closed captioning and ASL interpretation for all events.

Reparations + Equity

We believe reparations and equity are just two parts of necessary systemic change towards a positive collective experience for all. We put this into practice by:

  • Offering hardships rates for QTIBIPoC clients/patients.
  • A reduced rate for BIPoC practitioners, event organizers, and event attendees.
  • Financially contributing to BIPoC led wellness organizations.
  • 10% of our hemp product sales are donated to the Last Prisoner Project.
  • 10% of all herbal product sales donated to the Land Back movement.

Agency and Autonomy of our Practitioners

Hands-on somatic practitioners are often the most blue-collar workers within the wellness industry, and as such experience greater levels of exploitation, contributing to higher rates of burnout. We strive to create a work environment that is sustainable and reflects our belief in reciprocal and interdependent relationships. All our practitioners hold 100% agency over their practice and schedules, and are both encouraged and supported in prioritizing their health and well-being.