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Health looks and feels different for everybody and every body.

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

The care we provide at Open Hand is trauma-informed, whole person health focused, body-positive, and gender affirming. We trust that your body knows best. We listen and we follow your lead. We believe that everyone is worthy of care. 

Open Hand offers integrative bodywork and acupuncture that addresses chronic health issues, chronic pain, and everyday wellness. 

We bring together experienced practitioners with advanced skills to address your unique needs in a serene and beautiful atmosphere. Open Hand massage therapists and acupuncturists are trained in a range of modalities from pain management and structural treatments to emotional and energetic release, spiritual health, and herbalism. Voted Best Massage in Portland in 2018 (Willamette Week). 

We know that when your body feels better, you can engage in your life in a more satisfying, authentic way. We are committed to partnering with you in your wellness. 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

Clinic Visits

We merge modern aesthetics with quality care to provide a relaxing and unpretentious environment that caters to all your senses. 

Our Clinic

2410 SE 10th Avenue
PDX, ORE 97214

Open seven days a week

When You Arrive

Our attention to detail allows you to ease into the shifts happening during your session. 

Our treatment rooms are designed with a calming, neutral aesthetic. Each room is bathed in natural light and adorned with an abundance of plants. Our soft, high-quality sheets are washed in scent-free, environmentally-friendly detergents.  

Located on the corner of SE 10th and Caruthers, we offer free parking in our own lot to make your arrival easier. Once inside, you’ll walk up one flight of stairs to a lobby full of natural light, plants, and dreamy wellness products. 

When you schedule your appointment, you’ll receive accessible and gender affirming intake forms directly to your inbox. We’ll text and email you reminders with clear language and information so you know exactly what to expect for your appointment. 


Many insurance plans offer massage and/or acupuncture benefits, as well as your car insurance if you've been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. We are here to work with your insurance company to make coverage easier. 

Insurance carriers we are able to bill: (plans may vary)*

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield


Pacific Source


Motor Vehicle Accidents & Crashes

* There is never a guarantee of coverage when billing insurance. We are happy to look into your coverage but we encourage each client to know and understand their own benefits. Not all insurance plans are the same under each provider and though we bill each company listed, it does not guarantee you have benefits with your plan.

You Are Worthy of Healing

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